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Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin is our state association for professionals in the automotive recycling industry. It is the only state association specifically designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of business in the automotive dismantling and recycling industry, while continuing to preserve and protect our environment.

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National Salvage Auctions Are Again Working to Eliminate BID Cards and Open Salvage Auctions to Public
The two largest national salvage auctions—Copart and the Insurance Auto Auction (IAA)—are again working to eliminate BID cards and open salvage auctions to the public. In 2011, Copart and IAA drafted Assembly Bill 484 that sought to eliminate BID cards and all associated requirements and restrictions specific to the purchase of motor vehicles from a salvage pool. Additionally, the proposal attempted to change the definition of “junk vehicle” to mean a vehicle that has no resale value except as a source of parts or scrap and that has been designated by the owner as a source of parts or scrap. The bill never received a public hearing and eventually failed. However, Copart and IAA are expected to introduce a new proposal to the public this session that uses language from AB 484.

The likely introduction of this proposal could pose some safety, environmental, and fairness concerns for CARS members. If introduced as expected, the bill will allow people who are neither licensed nor in the business of dismantling motor vehicles to purchase and take apart junk vehicles. Additionally, the proposal would allow for unlicensed individuals to buy junk vehicles from salvage auctions without having to obtain BID cards or meet the other associated requirements that are required of all licensed automobile recycling businesses.

Expect to receive updates and additional information as the proposal continues to develop.


From the Secretary’s Desk
By Sandy Dumke

By the time you get this newsletter the Thanksgiving celebration will be a thing of the past along with the deer hunting season. I hope you all had a festive feast. For the hunters out there, I hope it was a successful season. Now we are on the way to Christmas and New Year’s. All these celebrations are fun and hectic, especially when you are running a very fast pace business.

The economy seems to be improving. However, the gas prices are still going up. I don’t know why? They told us it was because of the hurricanes in the golf but that was months ago. I think the big gas companies just keep raising the prices to fill their pockets on our dime.

The vendor packets for the 2018 Upper Midwest Recyclers Convention have been mailed out by ARM. The date is April 20 & 21st at the Mermaid Event Center in Mounds View, MN.

There is an article in this newsletter from Greg Hubbard about Copart and IAA trying to open the pools to the public. This is one of the most important legislation items we have had to deal with in the past years. Please keep your eyes peeled for more information to come. We will need every member to support CARS in the attempt to stop this harmful legislation.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



By Jake Nawrocki, Rocki Top Auto

The other day I missed out on something I had been looking forward to. The odometer in my truck was getting close to reading 123,456 miles. I wanted to catch it and take a picture because I’m weird like that. I had loaned the truck to a friend and unfortunately it happened while I wasn’t along.

Have you ever stopped to consider just how many miles we drive? We take little trips to the store for a loaf of bread and some milk. We run to the hardware store for a doodad to fix the closet latch. We drive to the parts store for an oil filter or some other things, to the post office, bank, car wash or…. The list really doesn’t have an end in sight. On top of all of that “convenience” running, we commute, run sales routes, take road trips, and what have you. These excursions pile the miles on even more.

For some perspective, in 2016 one study showed Americans drive an average of around 13,700 miles per year. For reasons not explained in the study, men drive approximately 16,000 miles while women are closer to 10,000 annually. I have been unable to find a statistic that seems accurate but I would guess that the average lifespan of the model T was probably in the 30-40,000-mile range, meaning we now drive in 2-3 years more than that first massed produced car ever went. I’m certain that many T’s went many more miles than that but in the real world I expect most of them were used up and discarded.   read more.

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