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By Michael E. Wilson, CEO, Automotive Recyclers Association

The landscape of the professional automotive recycling industry is changing literally before our very eyes. Why is this happening? What’s coming next? How do you best adapt to these changing times? You can get answers to many of these questions through involvement in your local and national trade association membership!

Now more than ever, membership in specific industry trade associations pays for itself several times over. Automotive recyclers around the globe must work together to address outside forces seeking to cut into market share and profit centers or alter the way our product is delivered. It should be our decisions that drive the future of the automotive recycling industry; not the desires of individuals with conflicting interests.

Automotive recycling trade associations play a significant role in the local, domestic and international marketplace. Trade associations like yours and the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) actively engage industry partners to help advance the automotive recycling profession and, at the same time, bridge gaps between professional automotive recyclers and those entities that have minimal interest in supporting policies that promote the utilization of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) recycled parts.

The state, provincial and national associations that make up ARA’s vibrant affiliate chapters community provide a critical link to individual recyclers at-large. Stakeholders rely on these associations to support the industry with member benefits, including relevant news on a variety of media platforms, networking opportunities, legislative and regulatory representation, marketing tools, employee training and educational resources that provide recyclers with increased industry credibility and tools to grow their business.

Industry trade associations are focused on providing their members with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the challenges that new, more complex motor vehicles and an increasingly dynamic and global marketplace bring to professional automotive recycling facilities. Working together, we increase public awareness of the need to conserve natural resources and protect the environment for future generations through automotive recycling and to promote the industry’s value to the automotive consumer. Our mutual members continue to provide consumers with quality, low-cost alternatives for vehicle replacement parts, while preserving the environment for a “greener” tomorrow.

It is important that recycling trade associations continue to work collaboratively with stakeholders in the insurance estimatics’ community to increase the availability of recycled OEM parts in software platforms used by repair professionals. ARA is committed to the enhancement of industry access to and supply of more reliable, consistent, and accurate parts data. Access to quality OE data as well as enhancing insurance- quality parts data through greater utilization of parts grading codes, standards and certification programs should be a top priority of every association.

When talking with others in the industry, we are good-will ambassadors on behalf of our organizations. Each of our associations’ success rely directly on the success of each other. The larger and more influential our associations become, the more programs and benefits can be provided that help each and every member. We appreciate recyclers support and continue to strive to make these the best associations for you the members.


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