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Hello fellow Auto Recyclers. Hit time here in Iowa, temps over 100 degrees this last week in summer. Hope all are doing well. In talking with recyclers around the country, last few weeks on the roller coaster ride, Busy one day slow the next. No rhyme or reason. So, we all just keep plugging along. Buy vehicles,dismantle,broker keep doing what we are doing and hopefully it all pays off. Also fighting scrap prices,cat prices another roller coaster ride. Driving to work everyday also seeing the price of gas and diesel The other day 3.19 a gallon Next day 3.49 a gallon Today 3.59 a gallon. So, we always have a battle it seems.

ARA with the government affair committee has its work cut out for it also. Trying to keep up with EV vehicles and the impact it will have on our Industry. Here in Iowa at the IAR summer outing, Andy Latham gives a great up to the minute training and information on Where we are at and what is coming, and how to be safe when we start to dismantle these vehicles. ARA,the Government affairs committee, Chaired by Slater Shoyer, The EC and Emil Nusbaum, VP of Government affairs, And the entire ARA Staff are working very hard to keep Auto Recyclers at the table and the forefront of EV Vehicles. ARA is always looking for Volunteers to get on this committee. We need some new people to get involved with ARA and especially this committee.

ARA also made an announcement last week that Automotive Service Association (ASA) and Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) made an agreement that the OEM’s will continue to provide independent repair facilities with access to the same diagnostic repairs and information that the dealers are provided with. Let’s hope that one day that auto recyclers will get VIN data from the OEM. We do have several vin decoders, but for me having this access daily, where we can ask the customer the same question the dealer does, Give us the last 8 of your VIN. I know that when we talk to customers no more asking Year, Make, and model are a thing of the past.

ARA has also been in some key meetings with OEM in the room. I know that Past president Marty Hollingshead uses the statement, Auto Recyclers are a Viable partner to the OEM, and we should be looked at that way for sure. We should also be wary of the OEM and them wanting to control our industry and the parts we sell. Auto Recyclers do not want to share ownership and liability of the vehicles. We need to own 100 percent of the car. But also work with the OEM to show them why we are the best to supply this Awesome OEM Recycled part. We know this will be continued discussion with the OEM, and remember ARA is at the table in these very important meetings.

One last thing ARA is holding a legislative summit Thursday August 3rd In Indianapolis. Go to for more information ARA is the voice of the Industry I have said it before and say it again Get involved today. ARA needs you. Take the time to get a hold of ARA to see what they need from you. Its your association Only You can make it better.

Every day ARA is fighting for All Auto Recyclers. Not just a few but ALL.

Living the Dream in Auto Recycling

Mike Swift


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