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  Scrap Market for August

After a slight drop in scrap metal pricing in July, many feel we may have hit bottom. Macro news doesn’t paint a rosy picture – with lackluster manufacturing news out of China and domestic EV production. Industrial business has dropped into the summer slump, so I anticipate a continuation of what you are seeing right now without a quick pop-up. Aluminum has seen little change, but red metals in the last 7 days have shown some strength with the COMEX climbing almost .20/lb from early last week. It may be time to move some harness wire!

Currently generic scale pricing would be:

Sheet Iron/Car Bodies - $155NT

Current scale pricing:

Bodies - $155NT

Unprepared - $190NT

Prepared - $235NT

Clean Steel Wheels - $355NT

Clean Auto Cast - $250.NT

Harness Wire - $1.25

Clean Alum Rims - $0.79

Clean Alum Rads - $0.45

Clean auto Rads - $2.18


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