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                          Swift Update

By By Mike Swift, ARA Past President

Hope all is well in the Auto Recycling Industry!

Auto Recyclers had a bill passed in the House and the Senate in the FAST Act.

When enacted, this new law will now require automakers to make publicly available the OE part names, part descriptions and part numbers of a vehicle’s defective components that are subject to a recall. This is a significant step forward in ARA’s quest for motor vehicle parts data. For the first time, there will be federal statutory language mandating manufacturers to make OE part numbers available to the public. This language is a critical step as it provides a basis for ARA action in the coming months to work with regulators to secure electronic access to part numbers of recalled components tied to Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs). ARA will continue to educate policymakers that it is only with electronic access to part numbers associated with specific VINs that professional automotive recyclers can comply with the TREAD Act of 15 years ago in which Congress prohibited the sale of nonremedied recalled automotive parts.

So now we are almost 3 years and NHTSA still has not got the rule making done for Auto recyclers to who utilize this inforamtion DAILY in our YMS. So now we have safercar. gov, When it Works and a URG Hot Key when these two work and if NHTSA hasnt blocked them again. What a Joke. Trying to do the right thing; Not sell Recalled parts. The OEM’s control NHTSA. ARA has been in Meetings with NHTSA but all we get back is we are working on it Blah Blah Blah.

As many of you have heard, Michael Wilson is no longer in charge of ARA. Michael was very instrumental in this getting signed in to law. He testified in front of Congress and spent many, many hours on getting this done for Auto Recyclers. When we get Build Sheet Data I beleive it will be because of Michael’s leadership, and the help from his entire staff and also all of the volunteers with ARA. Michael’s knowledge of our industry, in North America and the world will be missed. He Beleived in a better world for Auto Recyclers and I hope that all of you will contact Michael and just tell him “Thanks” for working so hard for Auto Recyclers, here in the USA but also around the World. While working on the ARA EC I learned a lot about Michael and his love for this indsutry was second to NONE. Good Luck ,Michael.

So with all of this stuff going on in the World; tarriffs, steel and aluminum prices, OEM and them trying to defeat all and control how all Parts are to be repaired, NEW OEM olny. With a person like Todd Tracy, the attorney who won the 43 million dollar lawsuit in Texas for faulty repair and parts, that on his watch no vehilces should be repaired with any parts besides OEM and OEM repair standards. Now he is suing LKQ.

So the point of all of this is Auto Recyclers need their Assocaitions more than EVER. If we dont tell the world all of the wrongs against us and the rights that we do in the world more Todd Tracys will convince the world that JUNKYARD PARTS ARE EVIL. We know that this is not the case at all. This has to be a grass roots effort in the State on and the nation to tell the world what we do in Auto Recycling. Why We MATTER! Why our Parts Matter! We save people money on repairs and we also save the planet from more being produced.

I have been in several meetings and have said the ultimate goal for Auto Recyclers is the one day the OEM realizes we are them. We take care of the end of Life. We have parts to help make repairs that they no longer produce. One of thes days.

We are the ones that Have to Make Auto Recycling Great Again! We have to preach the word! We have to make others believe. We have Great customers now but just think of when we get the non-believers.

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