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Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin is our state association for professionals in the automotive recycling industry. It is the only state association specifically designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of business in the automotive dismantling and recycling industry, while continuing to preserve and protect our environment.

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CARS Scholarships Deadline: August 1st
CARS of Wisconsin offers several scholarships to deserving students. The deadline is August 1, 2017. Recipients will be notified on August 31st. Visit the Scholarships page for more information and application. today.

Robert R. Morrison Scholarship
The family of Robert R. Morrison and Concerned Auto Recylers are offering a $1,500 scholarship to a graduating senior. Students may choose to attend a college, university, technical or trade school. The scholarship will be awarded after the student presents evidence of successful completion of one semester and has enrolled in a second semester.

Cheryl A. Rastia Memorial Scholarship
The Cheryla A. Rastia Memorial Scholarship is offered all employees and their families to assist in continuing education. Cheryl Rastia worked for over 30 years in the industry and served as the Executive Secretary for CARS from 1990 until 2002 when she lost her courageous battle with cancer.

Bob Hoffmann Memorial Scholarship
The Bob Hoffmann Memorial Scholarship is administered and funded by the statewide association of Wisconsin’s automobile salvage industry known as Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin (C.A.R.S. of Wisconsin).


From the Secretary’s Desk
By Sandy Dumke

The Upper Midwest Recyclers Convention and Trade Show was a big success. I want to give all the Wisconsin people a big THANK YOU for supporting CARS of WI. We normally have more people attending than MN but this year nearly four times the attendees were from Wisconsin. It takes a lot of work to put these conventions together. We start a year ahead to line up speakers and venders. Finding a location that has enough room for everything. Plus, we try to find interesting things and places for the attendees to do. Next year we will be in MN at the Mermaid Event Center in Mounds View MN. I am sure we will make a good showing there also. Thanks Again.

The next thing we have is the CARS Annual meeting. We want to do a one day event that will be based around your employees. Rhine Auto Parts has volunteered their company to host the meeting. We are working on getting a seminar for salesmen and a seminar for the dismantlers and yard workers. If you have a person in your company that would be interested in helping please let Kevin Strandberg or me know. There will be a board meeting on Friday night that is open to everyone. The seminars and the annual meeting will all be on Saturday. Attendees will be able to go home the same day. Watch for more information in the coming months. Mark your calendars for October 14th.

See you at Rhine Auto Parts


Mobile Apps – Why Does Your Business Need One?
By Theresa Colbert

I was reading an article in Forbes magazine* right around the time that came out with the MyPartsApp for our yards. The article was talking about “being ahead of the game” and “taking marketing to the next level.”

I already had apps on the brain, but the article got me thinking about how we use them. It seems to me that our industry is one that takes a bit of coaxing to embrace technology. Oh, not every customer or every yard – far from it. We have some movers and shakers out there who grab every new electronic device as it comes out. These are the same yards that had computerized inventory systems as soon as they were on the market. I have customers who I have known for years who grabbed domains and eBay names in the late 90s, knowing that someday these “may come in handy.“ read more.

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