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Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin is our state association for professionals in the automotive recycling industry. It is the only state association specifically designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of business in the automotive dismantling and recycling industry, while continuing to preserve and protect our environment.

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From the Secretary’s Desk
By Sandy Dumke

Hello recyclers. As I am writing this letter today it is March 1st. Spring is on the way. This past year has been taxing for all of us. We had to try to keep our businesses open and our employees working. Every yard is different, so I hope you were all able to keep going. For the yards that had to layoff employees or had people that had to quarantine, the boss had to pickup the work and do what needed to be done. Causing them to put in more hours and do jobs that needed to be done but, in some cases, they maybe have never done themselves. Plus, we all had to take care of our families. The kids are home and looking for something to do. Stressing everybody to the limit. Take care and try to relax when you can.

Because of the problems we have all been experiencing the CARS board of directors has been having trouble getting enough members together to hold a board meeting. So, for the last several months we have not had board meetings. You will not see the minutes listed in this newsletter. We are watching what is going on in the state and around the United States.

The Upper Midwest convention was called off last year and again this spring. URG is a big convention and trade show that was scheduled this spring and was moved to August. We are watching to see how that goes. We wanted to have the Upper Midwest Convention this fall but we don’t think we can get enough venders to make a good show for you. We are hoping to have it next spring (2022).

We are thinking of having a Meet & Greet again this fall. This would be easier to do and have it safter for the attendees. We can do a distancing, cleaning, and masks (if still required). So please watch for more information in the next newsletters, web site and mailing.



DNR Releases Draft Storm Water Permit
By Dave Kendziorski, WICAR Program

The special industrial storm water permits that we’ve had since 1999 allow Wisconsin auto recyclers to participate in a Cooperative Compliance Program and avoid storm water sampling and testing. The storm water permits are re-issued every 5 years. In February, DNR released a draft permit that will be in effect from 2021 until 2026.

These special industry permits have enjoyed bipartisan legislative support, and are popular with both DNR staff and the auto recycling industry. The Cooperative Compliance Programs are continued in the new draft permit. The DNR made a couple improvements:

1. They changed the compliance reporting date from May until July 1, which will make it easier for CCPs to do their required compliance audits in summer.

2. They reduced the restrictions on when recyclers can conduct visual storm water observations. The previous restrictions were confusing and too strict.

The special auto recyclers permit represents a partnership between DNR and the auto recycling industry. This innovative permit continues to provide a high level of compliance and excellent Best Management Practices. By working together for over two decades, DNR and the auto recycling industry have implemented a regulation that helps protect Wisconsin’s lakes and streams.

Exciting news for QRP of WI

This past year Roger and Lee Ann Ross have retired and sold QRP of WI to Steve and Carol Klismet of Waupaca WI. The reason this is exciting news is that at one point it was a possibility that QRP was going to shut down. Instead, this avenue of purchasing good salvage from insurance companies without the large fees is still available and will be expanding its services in the future.

QRP of WI is now QRP Salvage Solutions. The name may be different but the core values and goals of this company stayed the same. Family owned and operated by Steve and Carol Klismet our Salvage Solutions program was built by professional auto and truck recyclers to help them connect directly with insurance claims operations seeking to dispose of salvage. If this name sounds familiar to you, you are right. Steve is Co-owner of RPEP (Recycled Parts Exchange Program) and is closely involved in his family’s businesses which include Convenience Stores, Towing Operation, Service Center and Restaurant.

If you are not yet a member of QRP please give us a call and find out how we can help you with your salvage needs.

QRP Salvage Solutions
Steve or Carol Klismet
888-241-0294 •

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