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By Mike Swift

Hello Auto Recyclers

Last weekend I attended a Checkmate Recyclers Roundtable. We are a group of around the same size Auto recyclers that are all Checkmate YMS users from Around the country that meet at a facility a couple times a year. The pandemic of course screwed this up for a couple of years, so we had zoom calls, but now we are back in the swing to make on site visits. Last week we went to Indiana, CAR Recyclers in Manchester Indiana. Nice facility. Nice Parts. Great employees, but like all recyclers they have issues like the rest of us. We go look at their facilities, look around and ask the owners questions and the employees questions. We look at their processes and how they operate on a day-to-day basis. We look and listen to what we think we can help them do things better to help them. Not tell them how to run their business, but suggestions on what we see or how maybe to make things better. In this process, the others in the group also think about what they can do better back at their own business.

One important thing about our group, The Dover Group, what we talk about is confidential and not to be discussed outside the group. That is very important, I can tell you that.

We discuss Buying,Sales,Inventory, all things that have to do with day to day. The facility fills out a questionnaire and we try to come up with a solution for their business and what we see from the outside looking in. Try to see what a customer sees. We have Ghost caller call in to listen to the sales staff and how they are doing to sell parts. We look in dismantling to see if they can change how they do things there. We look at the warehouse. Deliveries routs? Inventory how many parts? What to keep, what to core? All the same question that we all have.

It is a very cool process, and I can tell you when this group is at your facility it is nerve racking, but I can tell you the help and suggestions you get are priceless. You can either choose to implement a few of the suggestions or not, and I can tell you most facilities will do some of the things and then at the next meeting we do a review if changes were made or not.

For me meeting with Auto recyclers face to face and making these relationships are one of the best things I think we do as owner/operators. You get to hear from people that want to help you, telling you things you might not want to hear. If you are not in a group Get in One Today Find out from your YMS. I can tell you it is nice to be in a group with the same YMS, because you also get some great training to go along with helping your fellow Auto Recycler.

One last thing. Another great way to be in touch with fellow auto recyclers is a call We have every other Wednesday since the pandemic. Recyclers Helping Recyclers Roundtable Group: The call is run by Anthony Wahl from Wahl to Wahl Auto Part in Cooperstown NY. We get a topic with a few questions and Anthony goes around to all that are on the call and you get to say what and how you are doing things. The group gets to ask you questions, and by the end of the meeting I can assure you lots of great information. The call will last 2 hours, and then Anthony will keep the call open to discuss other topics that you are having issues with or other ideas that help us all in business. Contact Anthony Wahl if you would like to be part of these calls.

Anthony Wahl Wahl to Wahl Auto Parts 607-286-7322 ext 94

Thanks Get involved today It is worth the time and enjoy

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